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About Us

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These three unalienable Rights as outlined in our Declaration of Independence are endowed by our Creator. Since its inception, our Republic has been founded on these principles and upheld by those that seek to love God, Family, and Country. As a military veteran, my family and I understand the sacrifices that are necessary to keep these Rights uninfringed. GFC Goods was established out of our love for God, Family, and Country. We hope our products inspire you and fill you with pride in this Great Country!


Why Choose GFC Goods? 

When you shop with us, you’ll see the GFC Goods difference. We design our products to encourage and inspire and seek to uphold the traditional values of hard work and dedication that is lacking in many businesses today.  As a family run business, I hope to instill these values into my children, as they see how to treat customers with dignity and respect. 

Buy from us today, and experience the GFC Goods difference! 

family overlooking gorgeous rolling hills holding American Flag